I have always wanted to have my own series, NOW I HAVE MADE IT!

"Elvszlek Egy Fotoózásra" has been created by Luigi De Re, hence by me.

I have had the opportunity to shoot Miklós Varga, Bogi Nagy, Szabolcs Varga, and several other celebrities. I still can't believe that this is all true!

I have been doing everything by myself from the beginning. Editing, recording, shooting and directing included.

I know it sounds a bit crazy but I did it and I am still doing it.

Working as a photographer has always been one of my dreams. Today I have reached the point to work as a freelance photographer despite all the obstacles that I had to master.

Without the help and support of parents, all this could not have been realized, therefore I would like to thank them for everything. 

Basically, that's it! Enjoy the series and have fun. Hopefully, you will like the pictures and the videos. :)

Director and editor: De Re Luigi

Camerawoman: Anikó Beidek